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The Davy Discovery Fund has received a AAA- rating from Telos

31st January, 2020

We are delighted to receive a AAA- rating from Telos on the Davy Discovery Equity Fund (the ‘Fund’). Telos are a leading European fund researching company based in Germany. On average, the Telos team has more than 20 years of experience in institutional asset management. Their rigorous review process included an assessment of DGFM and the Fund against three key criteria, namely People, Process and Performance 1

The Fund is co-managed by Chantal Brennan and Jeremy Humphries. The Fund invests in sustainable global smaller companies with a focus on QUALITY, adopting the firms Quantamental and ESG embedded process. As defined by our QUALITY approach2, the stocks in the portfolio are typically high Growth, high QUALITY and have a market capitalisation range between $200m and $15bn.

The Fund has an ESG rating from MSCI of AA and is in the top 5 funds as rated by them within the Equity Global Small & Mid Capitalisation category3 . It invests in global smaller companies and aims to benefit from the smaller companies’ effect with a bias towards QUALITY. 


To download the full Telos report please click on the links below:


Telos Davy Discovery Equity Fund Report (English)

Telos Davy Discovery Equity Fund Report (German)



1 DGFM paid Telos a fee to have its Fund included in this review.

2 Source: Davy Asset Management - “Quality Matters” White Paper – Chantal Brennan, Paraic Ryan, Hannah Cooney: 2016. A copy is available on request from Davy Global Fund Management.

3 MSCI ESG Fund Ratings measures the ESG characteristics of portfolio holdings and provides clients with the ability to rank or screen investment products on a AAA to CCC ratings scale. For more information please visit Rating based on MSCI ESG reports from January 2020.


Please note that this rating was originally published when Davy Asset Management Ltd was the investment manager of the Davy Discovery Equity Fund, prior to its merger on 29th November 2019 with another entity of the Davy Group, Davy Investment Funds Services Ltd. If you have any questions on this document or about this merger please contact any member of the team.


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